Gluten-free fruit bread

Serves: 18 (makes 18 slices)
Time to make: 2 hrs 30 mins

Total cost: $ 9.00 / $ 0.40 per serve

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Gluten-free fruit bread

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Gluten-free bread tips

  • Gluten-free bread does not keep for as long as standard bread but it does freeze well, so it may be a good idea to freeze half the loaf.
  • A mix of flours will give you a better result and will assist in browning. Using only rice flour will give a pale crust.
  • Using oil helps the bread keep longer.
  • Xanthan gum improves the texture and keeping quality of your bread. Find it in health food stores. It can be left out of these recipes if you prefer.

Bread-maker tips

  • We used a Sunbeam Quantum Smart Bake model bread-maker for this recipe.
  • Always use accurate measurements – use measuring cups and spoons for all ingredients. Measure salt carefully – it is needed to add flavour but too much inhibits rising.
  • Place liquid in the bread-maker first then dry ingredients. Finally add yeast. This will ensure a well-risen loaf. Add liquids at room temperature or slightly warm.
  • Always choose the correct bread size and crust type for the loaf you’re making.
  • In order for the bread to rise, the flour has to have a sufficiently high protein content, so when white flour is stated in a recipe, use high grade or ‘strong’ flour. Do not use self-raising flour.
  • Wheat breads tend to be heavier in texture and slightly smaller in size. A lighter loaf can be achieved by combining wheat flour with a white flour which may be preferred for a wholewheat bread.
  • Sugar is necessary to brown the crust, sweeten the bread and help the yeast in proving the bread.
  • Once the bread is cooked, remove the pan from the bread chamber immediately. Leave the bread in the pan for 10 minutes to harden a little then remove and cool on a cooling rack. Do not leave bread in the pan for longer than 10 minutes as this can give a damp bread.

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Photographer: Carolyn Robertson
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