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Ricotta and capsicum-stuffed chicken

Ricotta and capsicum-stuffed chicken

Serves: 6 (4 dinners + 2 lunches)
Time to make: 35 mins
Total cost: $40.62 / $6.77 per serve

(at time of publication)


Lunch tomorrow: Chicken, kumara and pesto salad

Serves: 2
Cost per serve: $1.76
Time to make: 5 minutes

2 serves leftover Ricotta and capsicum-stuffed chicken
2 cups salad greens
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Step 1 Warm chicken in microwave for 1 minute before slicing. Slice chicken in 1cm-thick slices. Toss with leftover kumara, cooked veges and salad greens.

Step 2 Whisk together pesto and lemon juice. Drizzle salad with pesto dressing.

Tip: If you want a hot lunch, warm the rest of the salad for 1 minute. You can also add your favourite balsamic dressing.

Make it gluten free: Check store-bought basil pesto is gluten free.

  • Diabetes friendly, high fibre, low cost
  • 2130kJ/508cal, 44g protein, 16g total fat, 4g sat fat, 45g carbs, 13g sugars, 9g fibre, 560mg sodium, 240mg calcium, 3mg iron

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