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5 fab reasons to love watermelon

Nothing is more satisfying than a slice of sweet, juicy watermelon on warmer days. They’re still in season, so we give you five reasons to enjoy a natural watermelon sugar high.

H2O hero

At over 90 per cent water, watermelon is a delightful way to keep hydrated in the heat.

Light bite

A cup of watermelon contains just 213kJ (51cal) — perfect for a light snack between meals.

Kitchen whiz

Versatile watermelon is truly delicious in savoury dishes. Try adding watermelon to salads with haloumi or feta cheese
for that pop of sweetness.

Immune support

Two large slices of watermelon provide a quarter of your daily needs of vitamin C, a nutrient that plays a key role in immunity.

Heart healthy

The antioxidant lycopene gives watermelon its beautiful pinky-red hue. This impressive compound supports a healthy heart. Powerful in pink!

3 great ways to use your melon…


Avocado and watermelon salad


Watermelon pizza


Prawn and watermelon salad

Date modified: March 22 2023
First published: March 2023

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