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5 tasty ways with kimchi

5 ways with kimchi

Keen on kimchi?

Made from fermented cabbage, kimchi has been in the spotlight in recent years with a claim to gut-health fame.

Kimchi naturally contains probiotics, which are ‘good’ bacteria that may have a beneficial impact on gut health when consumed in the right amounts.

5 ways to knock up a kimchi-crowded meal

  1.  Throw together a spicy fried rice with kimchi, rice, vegetables and tofu
  2. Add a handful of kimchi to a chicken or beef burger
  3.  Stuff a baked potato with kimchi and beans
  4. Pair kimchi with cabbage, carrot and corn for a new take on coleslaw
  5. Whip up an omelette with kimchi, spring onion and mushrooms.

Bibimbap with grilled lamb and kimchi ketchup

For more inspiration using kimchi, try out these recipes:


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Date modified: 21 August 2023
First published: July 2023


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