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How much sodium is in that vegetarian protein?

If you’re vegetarian, or just enjoy mixing your diet up with vegetarian foods, there are still many ways you can make good protein choices. But how much sodium do they contain?

The sodium content of vegetarian protein varies a lot. Protein foods such as unflavoured tofu, tempeh, TVP (textured vegetable protein) and Quorn are very low sodium choices. It’s the flavoured and more processed foods where you’ll find the sodium is higher.

When you choose vegetarian protein, think about what you will be serving it with. Other meal ingredients, such as sauces or soy-cheese, may increase the sodium considerably. It pays to take time to read the labels carefully.

Serving sizes vary, so we’ve compared the sodium content per 100g (about 1 serve) to the recommended adult upper daily limit for sodium (2300mg).

(Products listed in order of lowest to highest sodium content)


Bean Supreme Firm Style Tofu

2mg sodium per 100g
= 0% of daily sodium

Tonzu Organic Tofu

3mg sodium per 100g
= 0% of daily sodium

Ceres Organics Organic TVP

8mg sodium per 100mg
= 0% of daily sodium

Tonzu Organic Tempeh

15mg sodium per 100g
= 1% of daily sodium

Quorn Pieces

197mg sodium per 100g
= 9% of daily sodium

Vegie Delights Savoury Vege Mince

260mg sodium per 100g
= 11% of daily sodium

Nutrisoy Tofu with Tempeh

285mg sodium per 100g
= 12% of daily sodium

Australian Eatwell Vegetable Burgers with Whole Lentils

330mg sodium per 100g
= 14% of daily sodium

Olive Grove Falafel Mix Original Recipe

377mg sodium per 100g
= 16% of daily sodium

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausages

650mg sodium per 100g
= 28% of daily sodium

Bean Supreme Vegetarian Sausages Sundried Tomato & Kalamata Olive

680mg sodium per 100g
= 30% of daily sodium

Fry’s Family Meat Free Asian Spiced Burgers

771mg sodium per 100g
= 34% of daily sodium

Date modified: 13 July 2021
First published: Oct 2017


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