April: 10 things we’ve learnt

10 things we learnt while researching the April 2019 issue.

If you’re allergic to cow’s milk, you are also likely to be allergic to sheep and goat’s milk. How to choose: Milk alternatives.

Some ‘free from’ products, such as gluten-free alternatives, are higher in added sugar and lower in fibre than their regular counterparts. Supermarket sleuth.

Fortified bread and cereal can be a good source of iron for people who eat a limited diet. How to help when eating is scary.

Engagement with social media and our mobile phones releases a ‘pleasure chemical’, called dopamine, in the brain. Digital detox.

Most people come into contact with the virus that causes cold sores between the ages of three and five. Cold sores.

Curcumin, the anti-inflammatory ingredient in turmeric, is not easily absorbed but black pepper can assist absorption. A guide to turmeric supplements.

How fit teenage boys are is associated with risk for ending up on a disability pension in their old age, according to a Swedish study of more than one million men. News bites.

Once women reach menopause, they only need the same amount of iron as men. How to boost iron at breakfast.

We need more protein as we age. Healthy ageing.

‘Text neck’ is neck and upper back problems caused by over-use of digital devices. Digital detox.

First published: Apr 2019

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