10 ways with stock

Ideas to give your dishes extra depth and lots of flavour cooking with stock.

1. Quick chicken soup

Bring chicken or vegetable stock to a simmer. Add frozen prawns, shredded chicken and lots of vegetables. Add noodles, ginger, chilli and soy sauce and cook for 2 minutes.

2. Moreish mash

Add chicken or vegetable stock to mashed potato instead of milk to give delicious flavour.

3. Flavoursome rice

Cook rice in stock, or half stock and half water, to give your rice more flavour. This is especially good when you’re using rice for fried rice or pilaf dishes.

4. Stir-fry star

Try using a little stock in the bottom of a wok instead of oil to cook your stir-fries. This will add flavour and keep vegetables tender and tasty.

5. Savoury scones

Add stock to your savoury scone or muffin recipes. Try vegetable stock in spinach and feta muffins, or beef stock with strong cheddar in scones.

6. Crêpes

Using stock instead of milk in savoury crêpes or pancakes will lend extra flavour. Don’t add any salt to the mix if you do this.

7. Tasty roast veges

Before placing vegetables in the oven, pour a little stock over vegetables in the roasting dish and mix well. Add fresh herbs.

8. Good gravy

For a healthy chicken gravy, bring chicken stock to a simmer. Add flour, mix well, and cook until it thickens. Add a splash of both soy sauce and wine. Fresh herbs like sage and tarragon work well, too.

9. Tasty beef jus

Zhush up your steak with a restaurant-style jus. To liquid beef stock, add a tablespoon of plum or berry jam and a splash of red wine. Stir well and cook, simmering, until it reduces to a slightly syrupy texture.

10. Don’t waste the good stuff

Freeze any leftover liquid stock in ice cube trays or ziplock bags for adding to stews or gravy at a later date. Remember to label it.

First published: May 2009

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