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Make being healthy easy

Your challenge: Start up ‘Sunday sessions’ to make being healthy easy

For most of us, changing unhealthy eating habits is a Herculean task. The secret, however, to making your healthy lifestyle stick is to make healthy habits easier.  Planning and preparing your meals for the week on Sunday is a straightforward way to do this.

Why bother with Sunday sessions?

  1. Saves money – Bulk food prep can be cost effective and stop you from needing to buy food on the go
  2. Saves time – Prepping components or whole meals ahead means less time cooking/organising during the week
  3. Reduces your stress – Makes deciding what to cook and eat one less thing for you to worry about all week, freeing up time to focus on your other health goals
  4. Eat healthier – Making your own food gives you total control over what goes in your food, meaning you can pack it with the healthier, unprocessed foods
  5. Reduces waste – Doing your bit to help save the environment.

Plus! If you have kids and want them to learn how to cook or find out more about healthy eating and creating healthy habits, you can get them involved in the process!

Make it happen
Try any of these proven time-saving methods in your Sunday session:

  1. Whatever you cook for Sunday dinner, make a double or triple batch so you can freeze some for dinners busy weeknights
  2. Cook a whole chicken or two and roast some veggies or prep some salads, so you have for lunches during the week that are easy to put together
  3. Prep a ‘veg box’ for the week ahead with chopped veggies to snack on when you get home from work or to throw into a lunch box
  4. Make a variety of meals, then portion and store them
  5. Prep ingredients to make it easier to cook during the week. Chop up veggies, mix spices or marinate meat in advance, to save time when you’re ready to cook
  6. Do a batch of healthy baking for snacks during the week or for kids’ lunchboxes. This will save you time, money and reduce the need for you to rely on willpower to keep you on track
  7. To avoid eating the same dish day after day, try our ‘Cook once, make three meals’, or ‘Cook once – meals for a week‘.
  8. Use our recipe filter to choose genuinely healthy meals, they don’t have to be complicated. Filter down variables such as, meals for one, slow cooker recipes or low cost. Or choose the ingredients you want to use or the season for recipes that include produce that’s in plentiful supply.

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