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3 reasons to enjoy muesli (and 3 ways to make it at home)

A popular breakfast option, muesli can be an excellent meal to start the day, or even a portable snack when we are out and about.

If you like muesli, here are more reasons to build a bowl with it:

Wholegrain goodness

Usually combined with rolled oats, muesli is an easy, all-in-one way to get more health-giving whole grains into your daily diet.

Plant power

The nuts and seeds in packaged muesli might be small, but they’re mighty in nutrition. Ready-made muesli is full of plant-based protein and gut-loving fibre, as well as heart-healthy fats.

Perfect pairing

Muesli is a delicious, wholesome base to build on. Top it with other nutritious ingredients, such as fruit, reduced-fat Greek-style yoghurt or milk.

Make your own muesli

Making your own muesli at home is quick and easy! Try out our different muesli recipes with diabetes-friendly, low-cal and gluten-free options:

Classic muesli

This classic muesli recipe is high in iron and fibre, making it an excellent way to start your day.


Fruit-free muesli

This recipe diabetes-friendly and can easily be made gluten free.

Bircher muesli

A delicious, low-calorie breakfast bircher muesli that is so easy to make and leave overnight!


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