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4 healthier barbecue ideas

Raise the steaks - healthier bbq tips

Raise the steaks!

The heat is on, but summer barbecues don’t have to be full-on meat fests. For a healthier, plant-plentiful sizzle, try the following dietitian-approved ideas.

➜ Swap traditional snags for homemade skewers layered with skinless chicken cubes, red onion wedges and yellow and red capsicum strips.

Bring colour onto your plate with barbecued corn cobs, charred asparagus spears and thickly sliced grilled eggplant.

➜ Instead of snags, chuck a tuna steak on the barbie for some lean protein and healthy fish oil.

➜ Try meat-free options such as marinated firm tofu cubes on skewers or vegetarian patties made with chickpeas or lentils.

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Date modified: December 12 2022
First published: December 2022

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