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5 reasons apricots are good for you

What’s better than biting into a sweet and juicy apricot? Here are five terrific health reasons to eat more of these delicious stone fruits.

1. Immune support

Two large apricots give about a third of your daily vitamin C needs to help boost immunity.

2. Antioxidant ace

They contain beta-carotene, a disease-fighting antioxidant the body also converts into vitamin A to support healthy vision.

3. Gut-lovin’ goodness

You’ll get more than 10 per cent of your daily fibre requirements from two large apricots.

4. Eye health hero

Apricots contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two impressive compounds that prevent age-related macular degeneration.

5. Enjoy fresh or dried

Fresh is best, but a handful of dried apricots is also perfectly healthy. Ten dried apricot halves have more than 1mg of energising iron, about five per cent of a woman’s daily needs.

First published: Dec 2021