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5 ways with Greek yoghurt

Creamy, versatile Greek yoghurt is the dietitian’s go-to dairy food as it’s thicker than natural yoghurt and higher in protein than many other varieties.

It’s also jam-packed with bone-strengthening calcium. Try these delicious ideas for getting more of it into your day!

Blend with milk and fruit to make a brekkie smoothie.

Whisk with fresh herbs and lime juice to create a creamy salad dressing.

Strain then add to grated cucumber, squeezed of liquid, and lemon juice to make tzatziki. Serve with raw vegie sticks for dipping.

Strain Greek yoghurt to create labneh and serve with roast lamb dishes.

Combine with wholemeal flour to make DIY flatbread. Pan-fry rounds until golden and cooked through.

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