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The health benefits of grapes

Purple grapes on the vine

More than 8000 grape varieties are grown worldwide. Here are five nutritious reasons to eat sweet and juicy, refreshing grapes.

1. Gut-lovin’

Grapes offer a boost of fibre for a healthy digestive system, but how much depends on the variety. Red globe grapes, for example, have 6g fibre per cup.

2. Heart healthy

Red grapes contain resveratrol, an antioxidant that has been linked to improved heart health.

3. Nerve and muscle support

One cup of green grapes has about 10 per cent of your daily potassium needs to help keep your muscles and nerves firing.

4. Sweet fix

Grapes are a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Enjoy them as an after-dinner snack.

5. Light and lovely

With one cup containing less than 500kJ (120cal), grapes are a handy, low-calorie bite to snack on between meals.