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The health benefits of kiwifruit

Green kiwifruit halved

From desserts and smoothies to salsas and ceviche, there are plenty of sweet and savoury ways to serve up tangy kiwifruit. And you’ll be doing your body a favour when you eat them, too, with these health benefits:

Immune support

One kiwifruit provides almost one and a half times your daily vitamin C needs, helping you absorb iron and supporting your immunity.

Excellent eyesight

Lutein and zeaxanthin are disease-fighting antioxidants that are vital for good eye health — and the humble kiwifruit is chock-full of them!

Good for your gut

The fuzzy brown skin is edible, and we encourage this as there’s 1.3g more fibre in an unpeeled kiwifruit than a peeled one.

Happy heart

One kiwifruit gives a fifth of your daily vitamin E requirements, encouraging a healthy ticker.

Protein buster

Kiwifruit has an enzyme that breaks down protein, so turn it into a salsa to tenderise steak.

3 ways with kiwifruit

  1. Mix kiwifruit, cucumber, capsicum, red onion and olive oil to make a salsa to serve with meat or fish dishes.
  2. Top mini pavlova nests with plain yoghurt and kiwifruit for a lighter, mid-week dessert.
  3. Blitz kiwifruit with spinach, mint, ginger and coconut water for a revitalising 3pm pick-me-up.

Date modified: 1 February 2022
First published: Jul 2021


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