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The health benefits of avocado

Young woman biting into avocado toast

Dietitian Melissa Meier explains why avocados are so good for you and how to make the most of this delicious fruit’s amazing health benefits.

We love avocados! In fact, avocados revenue is worth about US$9.14 billion per year, globally. Along with their creamy texture and mild, nutty flavour, there are tonnes of reasons to get smashed on avos!

Heart hero

Avocados are rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and high in potassium which is great news for your ticker.

Gut lovin’

Half an avo has almost 10 per cent of your daily fibre needs, which provides a major boost for your digestive health.

Disease protection

As a source of the antioxidant vitamin E, avocados can help to protect your body from a variety of diseases, and keep your skin and eyes healthy.

Healthy baby

The folate found in avocados is recognised as essential for a healthy pregnancy, helping protect against neural tube defects.

Immune support

Half an avocado has one-fifth of your daily vitamin C needs to help increase immunity.

5 delicious ways with avocado

  1. Green pea guacamole
  2. Corn and capsicum fritters with avocado smash
  3. Avocado sushi bowl
  4. Mexican chicken burgers with golden kumara wedges
  5. Avocado, cucumber and lime cream dressing

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