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3 ways to love your blueberries

3 ways to love your blueberries

Blueberries may be small, but they’re big on nutrition. Here are great health reasons to add them to your shopping basket this spring season:

1. Gut goodness. Offering 4.4g fibre per punnet, blueberries are a smart choice if you want a healthy gut.

2. Amazing antioxidants. Blueberries get their dark blue colour from anthocyanins, an antioxidant that protects your cells from damage.

3. Hydration hero. Eighty per cent of a blueberry’s content is water. In addition to quenching your thirst, they’re a delicious way to add flavour to a glass of H2O.

4. Light & lovely. With just 243kJ (58cal) in a punnet of blueberries, tucking into this fruit is a lighter way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Kitchen wizard. Fresh or frozen blueberries can be added to all kinds of dishes, from a brekkie bowl of muesli and yoghurt to smoothies and healthier baked desserts.

We’re giving you more ways to love your blueberries with 3 of our delicious recipes!

Blueberry cheesecake jars

Blueberry cheescake jars

If you love cheesecake you'll adore these cute blueberry cheesecake jars.

Blueberry muffins made healthier

Blueberry muffins made healthier

Our healthy blueberry muffin recipe has less sugar but double the fibre of your basic muffin recipe.
Blueberry pikelets

Blueberry pikelets

Blueberry pikelets are a favourite, they are so quick and easy to make.