Banana pancakes
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Banana pancakes

This low-cost, healthier banana pancake recipe doesn't use flour and is so easy and quick to make in just 10 minutes. It's the perfect breakfast and kids love them.
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Serves: 2
Time to make: 10 mins
Total cost: $2.00 / $1.00 per serve

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Serving suggestion

These pancakes are delicious on their own but you can also eat them with low-fat natural yoghurt and berries or other fruit.


  • Make it gluten free: Check ground cinnamon is gluten free.
  • Experiment by adding a handful of (fresh, defrosted or from a can) berries to the batter after the eggs are mixed in, in step 2.

HFG tip

  • If the bananas are not exactly medium-sized or the eggs are small, don’t worry. The recipe will still work. If the pancakes tend to fall apart, add another egg.
  • To make sure each egg is fresh, crack it into a separate cup first. If you smell anything unpleasant (sulphur), or if the egg yolk looks flat and the egg white runny like water, don’t use it.
  • Ripe or even slightly over-ripe bananas work best for this recipe.
These pancakes make a great Father’s Day present for Dad! Click here for some more gift ideas from the kitchen for Dad!

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