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Herb and spice marinade

Herb and spice marinade

Serves: 6 (makes enough to coat 6 pieces of meat)
Time to make: 10 mins

Serving suggestion

Works well with chicken and lamb. Serve marinated meat with salad vegetables.

HFG tip

  • Marinade keeps for 2 days in a sealed container in the fridge.
  • Works well with chicken and lamb.
  • Use lean cuts of meat.
  • Place marinade and meat in a non-metallic dish to marinate.
  • To allow flavours to be absorbed into the food, use a sharp knife to make slits in the surface of the meat before marinating.
  • Once marinated, keep meat and fish in the fridge covered until ready to cook.
  • Once cooked, leave meat to stand for 5-10 minutes to allow the meat to rest so the juices re-absorb into the meat.

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