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Vegetable pikelets

Vegetable pikelets

Serves: 4
Time to make: 20 mins


  • Instead of courgettes, try chopped mushrooms or shredded cabbage.
  • Make it dairy free: Leave out the cheese, add an extra egg, and replace milk with soy milk.
  • This recipe works well if you have some stale bread or crusts to use up: simply replace the flour and baking powder with bread (wholemeal or seeded bread is the healthiest) and soak it in the milk until it’s so soft it falls apart. You will need about 4 slices of bread for this recipe.

HFG tip

For dinner, serve pikelets with lettuce and meat (fish, chicken, meatballs, roast). They are fantastic with stew and goulash as the starchy part of the meal.

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