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Are cranberries low FODMAP?

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without cranberries! But are cranberries low FODMAP?

We know that cranberries are packed full of antioxidants and can help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) so you’ll be pleased to know that you can enjoy some cranberries this festive season on a low-FODMAP diet – if you watch your serving sizes.

FODMAP content of cranberry products

Fresh cranberries (untested but considered low FODMAP)

Although Monash University has not officially tested fresh cranberries, they have stated, “9g dried cranberries (or 130g fresh cranberries) is low FODMAP and should be well tolerated by most”. Please note: 130 grams = 4.6 ounces.

Dried cranberries (FODMAP content dependent on serving size)

Small serves of dried cranberries are low FODMAP, so you can safely add a 1 tablespoon (13g/0.45oz) serve to your salad or muesli. Be careful though as a 2 tablespoon (26g/0.92oz) serve contains moderate levels of fructans (oligosaccharides).

Cranberry luice (low FODMAP)

Cranberry juice is low FODMAP at 250ml (1 glass serve) and so, is a great mixer for Christmas cocktails! When buying your cranberry juice, check that it doesn’t contain added apple juice or other high-FODMAP ingredients.

Is store-bought cranberry sauce low FODMAP?

The FODMAP content of store-bought cranberry sauce is likely to vary greatly depending on whether fresh, dried or reconstituted berries have been used. Check the label for high-FODMAP ingredients. If you want to use store-bought cranberry sauce, I suggest testing your tolerance level with a 1 tablespoon serving and increase the amount from there. Check out my recipe for a safe low-FODMAP cranberry sauce here!

Final thoughts

Cranberries can be a great addition to festive cooking, but watch your portion sizes for dried cranberries and store-bought cranberry sauce to avoid FODMAP issues.

Please note: If you want more information on going low FODMAP please see our FODMAP toolkit: Your complete guide to going low-FODMAP. Full print ready version available for purchase, details here.

Please also see our articles; is the low-fodmaps diet right for you and our Fodmaps toolkit which is your complete guide to going low-fodmap.

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Date modified: October 4 2021
First published: Dec 2015

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