My journey back from obesity

As a society we’re becoming obese, but I don’t need to tell you that as we hear it nearly every day. It’s a message that has become increasingly hard to escape.

Weight loss has become such big news and even bigger business that we’re bombarded with information – and misinformation – at every turn. The world is making something essentially as easy as ‘eat better, do more’ really bloody complicated.

Two years ago I was overweight. Actually that’s not true. I was obese, morbidly obese. I weighed 127 kilograms with a BMI of 40.2. When you earn a label like ‘morbidly obese’ you’ve obviously let a few things slide. Who am I kidding? I’d let plenty slide. Years of eating poorly and doing very little finally caught up to me when I was admitted to hospital with an enormous blood clot and pulmonary embolism.

I lost count of how many doctors I spoke to during this time but what I do remember is the common theme that emerged: “You need to lose weight”. Thanks, doc, you don’t think I know this already? Being told you need to lose weight is spectacularly unhelpful advice!

The issue for most of us isn’t acknowledging that we need to lose weight. Does anyone really think we don’t know we’re overweight? We think about it all the time! The issue is getting the job done, knowing where and how to start. For me, I had to get it horribly wrong before I figured out how to get it right.

As you can imagine it’s a very long way back from morbid obesity, but there is a way back. I’m proof of that, and I wholeheartedly believe that if I can do it, anyone can.

So how did I finally get it right? By taking it really slowly. I realised that you can’t change years of bad habits overnight. You’ve gotta cut yourself some slack and accept that losing weight, and more importantly getting healthy, is a process that takes time. You learn how to do it and you get better at it all the time.

I’ve come to learn that small, lasting changes add up to big results.

I know this goes against all the advice or marketing hype that a myriad of gorgeous personal trainers are selling us online – but they’ve got products to sell and there’s nothing more appealing to us than a quick solution to something we’ve battled for years. But I promise you, you won’t find the answer in a ‘12 Week Body Transformation Programme’.

The answer we’re looking for will be different for all of us because there is no ‘right’ way to get healthy. The only right way, is the way that works best for you.

Shane Gosnell
Founder | 127kgs

I’m Shane, a 30-something guy from Wellington, New Zealand. I started my mission to health in 2012 weighing in at 127kgs. I set up my blog 127kgs to share the weight loss and fitness tips that worked for me while I figured out how to lose 60kg in two years. No Diets. No Pills. No Gyms. Along the way I’ve learned a lot about food, fitness, myself and others. I hope my experiences – both my wins and my failures – can help you reach your goals too. Find me on Facebook.

First published: Apr 2015
Last updated: November 29 2017
Last science review: October 10 2016

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