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Slow cooker Irish stew

Slow cooker Irish stew

A meltingly tender stew recipe, with minimal prep – get it in the slow cooker in next to no time, and leave it to work its magic.
Serves: 8
Time to make: 8 hrs , allow 6-8 hrs
Total cost: $18.36 / $3.06 per serve

(at time of publication)

HFG tip

Check first that your slow cooker will fit 4 lamb knuckles. Sizes and shapes of cookers vary – if yours is smallish, you may need to use slightly fewer vegetables. Add extra stock when reheating this dish, as the mixture will thicken when cold. To make this dish without a slow cooker, simmer everything, once you’ve browned the meat, in a large pot on the stove for 2-3 hours.

Lamb knuckles are less expensive than shanks (which used to be cheap!). Knuckles are not ‘Frenched’ – in other words, they haven’t been neatly trimmed of all fat and sinew by the butcher before you buy them. They do have plenty of meat though. Grilling them quickly before cooking releases some of the fat, meaning less to skim off at the end.

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