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Bought vs homemade: Beef burger

Burgers are an easy takeaway option. They save time and hit the spot, but do you really know what you’re getting from your burger?


Burger Fuel ‘Bastard’

Ingredients: Beef, cheddar, bacon, avocado, beetroot with chia seeds, mango, lettuce, red onion, tomato, tomato relish, aioli, wholemeal bun.



Healthy Food Guide Beef ‘n’ bean burger

Ingredients: Lean beef mince, red kidney beans, spring onions, egg, oil, onion, breadcrumbs, beetroot, lettuce, mixed grain bread roll, tomato salsa.

We were stopped in our tracks by the 4252kJ in the Burger Fuel ‘Bastard’ burger. We’re all different, but that could be 50 per cent of our daily energy requirements. We like the protein and fibre (from the wholemeal bun) but this is outweighed by around 87 per cent of our daily recommended saturated fat intake and three quarters of our daily upper limit for sodium.

On the other hand, the Healthy Food Guide burger has a moderate 1860kJ, just 20 per cent of the saturated fat and one-third of the sodium of the Burger Fuel burger.

The Burger Fuel burger is weightier than the Healthy Food Guide burger, but if ours seems too light for an active or growing male, eating two of them is still a better choice than one Bastard burger. We say, keep the Burger Fuel burger to an occasional treat, or choose a less indulgent burger from their menu. And we have plenty more tasty and healthier homemade takeaway options for you to enjoy.