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Reader story: How I turned my health around

Tony Nelson

Healthy Food Guide reader Tony Nelson describes how he managed to lose weight and turn his health around thanks to using HFG recipes for portion control.

I arrived in New Zealand weighing in at 200kgs (440lbs) from the United States of America.

I had managed to lose about 20kgs by changing some minor eating habits; however, my health issues continued to be exasperated.

Here is how I managed to turn the corner

1. I kept a written diary of every item that I ate.
2. I used colour codes (blue for [better] choices, and red for [less nutritious] choices).
3. I weighed myself every morning.
4. I recorded by morning blood count on the food diary.
5. My goal was to use my weight and blood count as an indicator to improve my diabetes and health.
6. I started using the Healthy Food Guide recipes to use portion control (2,000 calories).
7. The recipes also helped upskill my cooking skills and brought in diversity to eating.
8. My morning blood and bodyweight slowly improved.
9. My bi-annual hba1c fasting blood test slowly crept downwards as well.
10. The recipes also taught me how to use macros (protein, carbohydrates and fats) to benefit my overall health indicators (blood count, bodyweight, and hba1c).
11. Over a five-year period, I managed to reverse my diabetes to such a point that my GP slowly tapered me off my Metformin.
12. My GP was astonished by my ability to use the health indicators in a way to improve my overall health and well-being.
13. My health improved. Today my blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes are no longer a health issue.
14. These successes lead to my becoming a competitive bodybuilder in the INBA, NABBA, and WBFF Federations.

The Healthy Food Guide is the tool that was pivotal in saving my life. I strongly believe that had I not used the recipes, macros and calorie food panels to improve my health, I would not be alive today.

I wanted to share this account with your readers to strongly encourage them to use your publication to improve their health.

Date modified: December 18 2020
First published: Dec 2020

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