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Vegie gnocchi with mushroom ragout
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Vegie gnocchi with mushroom ragout

5-a-day? Why not try 7-a-day serves of vege with this vegetarian gnocchi recipe for two!
Serves: 2
Time to make: 30 mins


Make it gluten free: Use gluten-free flour and check stock is gluten free.

HFG tip

NOTE: If you have a nut allergy and are using packaged goods in recipes, please check the allergen warning on the packet regarding nuts.

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One comment on Vegie gnocchi with mushroom ragout

  1. Arlene Du Cann October 20, 2021 at 7:30 pm #

    Ive been making ricotta gnocchi for years, but after making a sausage dish with veg mash I decided to try this potato gnocchi recipe. As usual I had to adapt to what I had. I used asparagus for my green veg, my tomatoes had chilli in them and I replaced fresh mushrooms with tinned mushrooms. The veg gnocchi was really good. I had heard tales from friends of potato gnocchi disintegrating when cooked but this was excellent. I will certainly make it again.

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