Grilled fish with chilli-lime corn and asparagus

Serves: 4
Time to make: 25 mins

Total cost: $ 27.60 / $ 6.90 per serve

(at time of publication)

Grilled fish with chilli-lime corn and asparagus

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Make it gluten free: Check mirin is gluten free.

HFG tip

How we made it healthier

  • Swapped meat for fish: Barbecued fish is a delicious option that’s lower in saturated fat than fatty steak and sausages. Opt for firm fillets, such as ling, salmon or snapper.
  • Add a rainbow of veg: Salad is great but there are more ways to get your veg than through leaves. Make veges the star by grilling them until lightly charred and tender. Corn on the cob is always a crowd pleaser.
  • Get creative with salt-free flavour: Chilli and lime add a big punch of flavour without the salt, saturated fat and sugar that is hiding in store-bought condiments, such as tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

Also see our Barbecue special: Sizzling swaps feature for exciting ideas to sizzle your way to a healthy, balanced barbecue meal this summer.

NOTE: If you have a nut allergy and are using packaged goods in recipes, please check the allergen warning on the packet regarding nuts.

This recipe can be used as part of the Kick-start Plan.

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Photographer: Mark O'Meara
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