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Portobello beef burger and wedges

Portobello beef burger and wedges

Add the earthy flavour taste of portobello mushrooms to a ground beef burger, super healthy, while still getting to enjoy a true beef burger - delicious!
Serves: 4
Time to make: 25 mins
Total cost: $20.20 / $5.05 per serve

(at time of publication)

Serving suggestion

Make it gluten free: Serve with gluten-free bread rolls and check mayonnaise and relish are gluten free.

Make it vegan: Substitute grated tempeh or TVP for beef mince. Use a vegan cheddar alternative. Try Pams tartare sauce instead of mayonnaise and check the buns are vegan.

HFG tip

NOTE: If you have a nut allergy and are using packaged goods in recipes, please check the allergen warning on the packet regarding nuts.

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